Garages and Carports built to your specifications


Up to 20 Year Warranty

Meets all Building Code Requirements

Best Workmanship

Pavillion Type
Eliminates Horizontal Tubing on Ground to Step Over.
3  Bay Garage, Big Space Small Price!

At the Portable Building Mall, we look for ways to excel.

While others shy away from a challenge, we look forward to helping you with your plans and ambitions.

Small to large, we will build anyting you can design. Come in and brainstorm. Meeting your needs is our top priority.

20' WIDE X 26' LONG
Garage set close to house,
12' tall, 24' width x 36' long

This garage is on Table Rock lake. Built about five feet from the house.This engineered structure is sitting on a built-up gravel pad. At any time in the future owners

may add a concrete floor if desired.

We can build any large structures as well. This one houses equipment. You can imagine how well your motorhome would be housed in this structure. We can add an end wall with a 10' wide roll up door and a 13' 6 foot high opening.

 We can build a carport or garage over your RV where it sits. The building in the above picture is under construction.