Climate Control Protects Contents 


You Will Hear The Owner Testimony

"When summertime outside building surface was 106°-the inside temperature was 72°"   "NO" POWER requirements!

Climate Controlled Without Air Conditioning 

"Like sitting under shade a tree"

Previously thought impossible -

But several patents are being filed!

 What does CrossOver mean? 

Why is CoolStow

called CrossOver?

It is the first steel FRAMED structure to crossover to the portable storage building market, bringing in the strength and long life of steel. Wood structures do what they can do; quality wood structures do it even better, BUT this structure is the ultimate! They all have their place in the portable building market.

What about

Carports & Garages ?

Steel carports and garages are not really portable as they are constructed on site and must be taken apart to be moved. Secondly, they only come with one exterior option: either steel or aluminum.  The CoolStow CrossOver is delivered to your property fully framed with steel as any portable wood structure could be and readily moved intact to a different location if desired.  

What about the

CoolStow foundation?

No other portable building offers the strength of a steel structure with the versability of exterior options as CoolStow CrossOver. From an esthetic approach, the CrossOver building shines. Choose from many different exterior choices including vinyl, SmartSide Diamond Cote, painted SmartSide, colored metals and even wood of your choice.  Match your house color and meet the neighborhood covenant. A CoolStow building is so strong we can even deliver it to you with full size brick siding as an option. 

What else is 

unique about CoolStow?

With CoolStow there is no need for concrete blocks. CoolStow has a remarkable self leveling foundation. Our building can easily be leveled on sloping and even rough land.  

What else is unique about CoolStow?  It’s Cool inside!  There’s nothing else like it !That means it does not build up heat in the summer as common backyard storage buildings do. The unique, patent pending, process is the secret. On a prototype model in Southwest Missouri, the owner testifies to the fact that on a Raytec Heat Detector test displaying 106 degrees on the building exterior in the summer of 2014, the inside temperature registered at 72 degrees. Instruments tell it like it is! Watch this video. (Video is not available at this time - sorry, but feel free to call or write for details. 417-334-8914)