Actual Customer Designed Buildings.

At no additional charge, customers may design a building to exactly meet their needs.

Portable Building Mall structures are not cookie cutter sheds. Pay for just what you need. Here you don't have to try to fit your stuff into somebody else's idea. This building is being used both for storage and workspace. It was purchased by a furniture refinisher. The roll up back door allows them to move large items in and out of the building without having to maneuver through narrow doorways and still have the beauty and comfort to take enjoy a nice, cool glass of lemonade on the front porch. 

This picture is taken from the front door. They added a roll up door to a 12x40 Portable Office/Cabin with front porch.

This picture taken from back towards front door and porch. Extra windows added for natural light. 

Cabin is nestled in the trees creating a cool interior for this work/storage space. 

This sharp backyard storage building was a perfect fit for this small property. The white building was trimmed in green to match the durable, forest green roof. 

Cathy's Garden Hideaway is an example of what we & the customer can do!

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Matching Rustic Building location

This "tiny house" is a first home for a young lady who was able to set the building on her parents property for easy access to electric and septic. This is a safe and inexpensive way for a young person to get started without throwing away rent money or taking on 30-year mortgage. 

This little house is nestled in the woods & has 640 square feet of living space.