Payment Options

We're Not A Cookie Cutter Operation!
We believe that we have developed the most accommodating payment options.  
Many financing options

For those that want the convenience of payments, but don't want to pay more than their local bank would charge, our PBM Low interest Financing Plan may be just right.

Rent to see if it will work for you

If you would like a simple "handshake" type RENTAL you could rent a structure for a few months to SEE if you want to buy it, then our PBM Rental Plan may be perfect for you. (no need for credit check & zero interest) NOTICE:  NOT AVAILABLE IN EVERY MARKET!


Later, if you decide to buy it, no problem and no penalty to purchase. The price of the structure was locked in when you rented it, therefore at the time of purchase you will just pay the original price plus sales tax and that is it! 

If you liked the rental structure but would like to BUY a different color, size or type of structure, you can order a new one, we will build exactly what you want, bring the rental back, all without penalty

No credit check tax advantage lease

Our Popular Lease-To-Own Program.

Many benefit from our PBM Lease Contract where you can lease for a long periods of 24 to 60 months. At the end of the contract you receive an "ownership certificate" with no other payments due. Businesses especially like this plan because the lease payments are usually 100% deductible. Even though the total paid out in payments are usually greater that our other programs, the specialized benefits might be worth it. Because it's a lease there is no credit check and "usually" a "tax benefit" for the full amount of each payment!