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1-12' X 12' Greenhouse


24' of Shelving in 8' U Shape-Front & Rear Auto Vents

​Dutch Door - Fully Floored


Total Price- $5125.000 plus tax after 15% discount     $4356.00 plus tax

There are the 9 greenhouse sizes available. The base prices are as follows. 

Greenhouses are available for lease to own.

You can choose to not add any options or you can use any or all options. The base prices above do not include any options or sales tax. The standard greenhouse comes with a wood floor and a solid wood door. Delivery is FREE within 50 miles of Kimberling City. If beyond 50 miles, ask about any additional delivery fee, if any, because sometimes due to location we can make an exception. Sales tax is determined by delivery location. 


FULL PROTECTION Wood Floor is STANDARD with each greenhouse. Our “proprietary” protective stain has no ill effects on the plants. The stain on the floor and the rest of the structure was formulated for us to preserve and to protect to wood without affecting the plants. The floor produces a rodent free and animal free working environment for the greenhouse operator. The “slatted” floor allows all water and dirt to filter through always leaving a clean and comfortable working surface for the operator.


THE CLEAR-LITE Roof system is “polycarbonate.” It is very tough and will stand up under significant hail storms. Polycarbonate is the same material use in the lens of eye-glasses.



INCLUDES AN AUTOVENT ON THE FRONT AND REAR GABLE. These vents are fully automatic and open without electrical requirements when the interior temperature reaches approximately 85 degrees. This dramatically assists in keeping the interior from becoming too hot for plants. These vents also close down as the interior temperature declines because of evening or cooler weather.

SIDE WINDOWS - $100/$150

$100 PER MANUAL OPENING WINDOW OR $150 PER AUTO OPENING WINDOW. These are manual windows that can be opened from the inside by the operator of the greenhouse to maintain manual control over temperature or to assist the “auto-vent” system during extremes.


Well worth the minimal cost. This is a “split” door system that allows the lower door to be closed to control animal entry while allowing the upper door to be opened as needed for temperature control.

PLANTING SHELVES - $100 PER 8 FT SECTION. As with the main portion of the structure, these shelves are “not” treated wood in order to maintain a safe environment for the plants. However, as with the rest of the structure, the shelves are “stain-dipped” to provide a “proprietary” protective finish and a nice appearance. (pressure-treated wood IS utilized under the structure to preserve the wood from rotting).