Tips To Consider

Although not intended to be fully comprehensive, this page has important tips you should know when considering the purchase of a portable building. This page is designed to help our customer's shop for the building that works best for them. We believe that you cannot get too much information. Therefore this page is for you to gain greater insight into what to consider, in regard to lot preparation and delivery. 

BELOW:  This view was taken after this little garage was installed on the property. The homeowner will skirt it with white or red lattice all the way around. That will look great and also provide adequate ventilation under the structure while keeping out pets and varmints from beneath the building. .

BELOW: This 12x16 building is sitting on our lot "on flat" ground "before" it was taken to the homeowner's lot.

Building to the right is 16 feet wide and 40 feet long. This is a cabin constructed from one of our "utility" structures. Utility meaning that it's uses are not limited. If plumbing were to be installed in a structure like this, you need to take certain things into consideration. It is best to install all your plumbing under ground before we deliver the structure. Secondly, we can raise the structure high enough for your workman to get under. That means that you will have up to approximately 28 inches of ground clearance for plumbers and heat and air workers.

This structure to the left is only 10 feet wide and 16 feet long. This is in the city limits of Kimberling City. The land slopes 28 inches from the front to the back of the building! Notice in this picture the machine has the structure lifted while the crew crawls under the building to install the customer's concrete blocks. Notice the machine; It is attached to the building much like a forklift. The machine can turn 90 degrees either way to place the building in very tight places.

BELOW:  This is the front view of the little garage after installation. Notice that is sits about 10 feet from the side fence  This is in compliance with the  Kimberling City, Missouri Property & Zoning regulations. We always recommend to check with your city or county to determine their set-back requirements.

BELOW: This is the same structure being set up on customers lot. The lot is steep all over making it difficult to find the best place for it. Technically, if we had observed the location prior to delivery we would have suggested that we construct a building that will fit the land. The door could have been placed on the left "end" of the building or at least the door could have been to the far left end of the building. That would have reduced the door height above the ground. Most homeowners do not realize how out-of-level their property is when they are on our sales lot looking for a building. We understand because it is not something you do everyday.