PBM Support Warranty



In the event of any warranty claim regarding a product manufactured by a PBM vendor, customer shall consider


PBM as the “First Line” of support.


Each of our vendors are credible or we would not do business with them but sometimes communications between our customer and our vendor/supplier could become confused. If our customer feels that he or she has a valid warranty disagreement with one of our supplier/vendors then the customer can come to us with their position. After ascertaining that the customer may have a valid point and not just trying to get something for nothing, we will make our plea to the vendor. Often warranty issues are merely miscommunications due to product "terminology" and can be easily resolved because we are on a more even level with the vendor.


PBM stands by our convictions that it is “easier to find one new vendor than to find hundreds of new customers.” Therefore, PBM warrants that it will exercise maximum influence on behalf of our customers regarding any legitimate claim against a vendor’s product or customer service. To not leave a false impression here - we are strong on the side of "right" therefore we also support a vendor that cares about our customer by providing good services. Since 2011 we have only found four vendors that did not meet our customers expectations; they were quickly replaced! Our word is our bond, as attested by our 7-year record of with the BBB as an accredited business,


“We do what we say we will do and we expect our vendors to do the same.”

Our CUSTOMERS benefit greatly!


This is a Non-transferrable Support Warranty for “materials and workmanship.” It shall be for the same period as the vendor’s warranty applies to our customer and/or as long as PBM has influence regarding the vendor. Warranty shall extend for a period equal to the vendor's warranty period and no other warranty is expressed or implied. (additional details are provided with the written document)