Flesh and blood is not the problem!


 Democrats are NOT the problem! They are just being used! Actually we are all being pushed around by the devil himself!


The intended destruction of America has a “supernatural cause”. The treasonous acts we see are from people whose minds have come under the supernatural influence of deception! They have been sucked into believing lies. When demon-produced “lies” become their “truth”… that is proof that mind control is working! Most of the violence on the streets of America today are "performed" by paid actors in order to produce chaos, fear, hatred and division of the American people.


True history has been stripped from government schools as the first step to make room for mind control measures. This coup for the destruction of America has been carefully prepared and was launched decades ago.


Lies and deception inside of the American classrooms have altered the prospective of the students. But what about us? We “sent” our children into the midst of the mind control and then we complain about the results? We’ve all been deceived; those that were sent, and we the “senders” have all been deceived!


The “treasonous” acts that are now being perpetrated on America are supernaturally induced by satanic deception through lies and twisted reasoning. Violence and force is being perpetrated as “freedom of speech”! It is clear to any reasonable person that the years of “mind control” has reduced many people to the “lowest” level of life!


An accumulation of people that are ignorant of the truth have been lured together into the Democratic party! The party has been taken over by the “anti-Christ man-made religion of "world control!” Orchestrated through misinformation, "deception and lies" which is the “very DNA” of satan! BUT the party members do not know that! If they knew the truth they would not be a member. Demoncrats are not stupid - they are just deceived- believing lies!


So the point is, the answer to “turning around” any supernatural problem is not to attack “flesh and blood” - our war is against powers and principalities in the spiritual realm! Deceived people on earth are only a symptom of the cause.


BUT, we DO need to immediately contact our representatives to EXPRESS that we want those that contributed to the "theft" of our vote to be held accountable for "treason"!


This shall include those for which 280 witnesses have reported. Treason charges should be placed on the news networks that have misused the trust of all Americans. The networks have been taken over by owners with an agenda to "lead the sheep" to the slaughter through their lies and deception. WE SHOULD contact network advertisers to inform them that we are NOT buying their products advertised on those networks!


Aside from the DIRECT impact that we MUST place on our elected officials and promoters of TREASON as described above, "praying and trusting" Jesus is the first step and PRIMARY answer to this problem.


He was the one that died for us, went into hell, in our place! He took the “keys” of earth control FROM Satan! Because Jesus did that as a son of MAN, that act “returned MANkind back to the full authority of life on earth that was lost by Adam in the beginning. (God gave man "earth control"- authority as noted in Genesis 1:26-28)


NOW is time that we all come to an understanding that Jesus has empowered His people to change things through prayer! Jesus returned the power "back” to us! So we need to use that power (spiritual power) to stop the devil in his tracks. The bottom line is that we need to pray for every Democrat that has been sucked into the deep pit of the “man-made religion” of “world” control.


This deception could have happened to anyone, including us! So let’s try not condemn those that it’s happened to! Let’s pray that the devil be “stopped” from his influence. Let’s also pray the devil and the people that he has recruited, be “bound” from this attack! Pray that Angels be loosed to minister the love of God to those that have been pulled into this web of lies and deception! Pray they will see the truth!


Jesus said “Verily I say unto you, “Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Matthew 18:18 KJV


Love is the answer! At every opportunity, those that know must “release” what they know but it must be done through love! People have been duped through lies. Tell them the truth, but tell it through love. The difficulty comes through people's inability to “receive” because they have have been fully indoctrinated and don’t want to hear it!


PRAYing is the 100% safe method of reversing the "take over" of America! Again, Genesis 1:26-28 tells us that GOD can only get involved when we "release" our "dominion" back to Him through prayer; so pray for God’s guidance. Then speak directly TO (at) the problem "to stop" because this is exercising our authority given in Genesis 1:26-28! The treasonous acts against us and the American Constitution have no choice but to stop when "spoken to" in faith.


PRAY - specifically to “command” the devil to cease his operations! Your prayer attention must go “past” people and straight to the root of the problem! Take control of the lies and deception! People are just being used and are NOT the primary problem! The treasonous acts being perpetrated against America are straight from hell!


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Ephesians 6:12 KJV


Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

James 5:16 KJV


Understand that your “creator” can do nothing about what the devil is doing to all of us in America because “God gave control” of the devil to “us!”


It is our dominion position described in Gen 1:26-28 where "God gave us control" of the entire earth and everything on it! PLUS, Jesus transferred the keys of the earth that He TOOK from the devil back to mankind. James 4:7 says Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.


 Contrary to what many believe WE have been dominion over these things. Therefore, we should have no fear of the devil if we are IN Christ and He is in us!


The Bible is "misunderstood" without at least FIVE foundational points in place.

First: It must be clear that GOD PUT MANKIND IN CONTROL so don't blame GOD for the issues!


Second: we must know that God loves us!


Third: We must know the devil is real and that he is against us!


Fourth: There are those the devil can control but there are those that he cannot control!


Fifth: We can be “one” that he cannot control!

I Peter 5:8 says “ Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking “whom” he may devour:


Now it is time to take our position of authority and pray/speak that the truth of the 2020 election will be exposed!


This is not about PresidentTrump! This is an attempt to take America down! This has been going on for at least 60 years! Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of Socialist Republic (Russia), in a televised speech, said they would bury America.


You cannot find the speech on Google or any other media because it has been removed!!! WHY? Apparently because the controllers of those media "companies" don't want the voters to know about the plans of the treason.


The news, Google, and the rest of social media say that Khrushchev did not say that "communism" would bury America!


Well, there are many Americans still around that are witnesses! I personally heard Khrushchev on my own television dictate "the destruction of America” and furthermore he said they would "do it without firing a shot and they would do it through our children!" I might add, through our “ignorant" –under educated children! This would be ones that were stripped of the truth of the knowledge of American history! Then, without any "known" history they were not alert to lies being taught! As college students they are led like sheep into ACTUALLY supporting the destruction of America!


How did that happen so easily! It happened under the guise of “education!" Communist professors got jobs at colleges and universities all over America under the ruse of introducing FREE thinking! Then even "deeper” mind control caused parents to not see that socialism and communism were being taught as GOOD!


This became very strong after the “very publicized” fall of the iron curtain! I believe that’s how we were tricked.


How? Because, we were the unsuspecting Christians of America! We welcomed the socialist people! But that came “right along” with their teachers that were "designated" to “bury us!” It turns out that the “iron curtain” had been somewhat of a “filter” for all of us that lived during that time. A filter? Because we were witnesses of how destructive socialism was to the people of Russia! They were FORCED to rely on their government - so that government could control them! The government controlled what they could eat and on what days they could eat it! They were only allowed to come out of their house when the government said they could! The government kept them from gathering!


Does this sound familiar?


HOW EASY it is happening? With no history to “filter” information, propoganda can be presented in a favorable fashion then absorbed by gullible teenagers and anyone else ignorant of the truth. All of this was done openly as hardworking parents strived daily to provide money for their child’s “education!! That resembles working Republicans working hard to create Democrats looking for handouts. They moved the mind control system down to our "high schools" by removing classes on civics and history. This makes it easy for professors to push their agenda if the students have no “filters” of truth that will interfere with their propaganda!


The very core of Socialism is to produce a “godless” society! Socialist/communist governmental life system is totally RELIANT on government! This is a DEMONIC orchestrated trick to insulate a person from relying on their creator!


The “kingdom” of God system contains “our provision." That provision has already been provided by God and is a "free gift" from Him.


If Democrats knew this, I believe they would be rushing to join the Kingdom of God. But the fact is they don’t know this because the truth has been stolen from them and replaced by a government claiming to provide.


The very "meaning" of terminopoly called "government" means CONTROL! You would think that would be a clue. But when the mindset has been altered in such a way that a person grows up believing that others OWE them, then there is no hope for them until they get in their right mind.


That can only happen by introduction of the truth so they can see the difference between total “fake life” of socialism or the “total freedom life” of the Kingdom of God.


I personally believe why many cannot “see” the difference is because of FEAR! It is fear of the unknown! They would rather live on a tiny "known" handout rather than BELIEVING in themselves being "directed" by their creator.


The devil has convinced many that they are “nothing” - can have nothing - never will be anybody - going nowhere - etc.


To them, a controlling government looks better than anything they see in themselves!

People that "live in fear" tend to grasp at "things in hand. They tend to not believe in a "promise" of anything "better! They won't believe even if that promise is from someone that has "never" lied! GOD! The truthful God that loves them is really better than a big government that controls them!


I have to ask the “Educated” socialist students this question; how can a government system work when it is NOT sustainable due to the fact that is it "designed to steal” from one sector of society in order to provide handouts to another sector. Impossible to survive and leaving its citizens destitute. This ha been proven impossible by many other countries where socialism has been perpetrated on them!


It's way too late to convince me that ANY government could be called "good" when that government "steals" from FROM ONE GROUP OF ITS citizens to give to another citizen group. Governments are to “protect” its citizens, not provide for them! Government provision "always" comes with strings! Governments have no “heart” to care with - no “feelings" in which to "even" alert itself to "citizen" problems!


It is absurd to think any goverment could "provide" for its citizens when it has no internal or sustainable "means" of providing. Socialist governments are only successful for purveying of lies and routing of "citizen funds" into the hidden hands of rulers that are behind the government.


I personally believe that society, as a whole, lost faith to believe in a "Father GOD" because the society is imbedded with separated parents. Fathers not at home! Government induced separation of fathers and mothers because the government “”paid”” them with greater money if fathers stayed away from home!


What kind of loving government is that? It’s NOT! This is socialism entwined into our republic to further strip our life away!


God is always “home” with us! He clearly loves us! He only wants "good" for us! The Bible says, and billions will testify, that he directs and guides us wonderfully to provide for us daily. And to top that off, he NEVER steals from anyone in order that we gain! He made us, and the planet and everything on it, therefore He provides directly! We ask for His wisdom for prosperity and he gives wisdom liberally! He IS “sustainable!” THAT is why true Christians would never exchange even ONE minute of their benefits, outlined by the Bible, for an entire life of socialism!


NOW with all of that said - we need to be glad that President Trump did not win by a landslide! If he had won that way all the CONTROL AND CORRUPTION would not be opened up and fully exposed!


I believe our Creator is asking each of us to release our faith that America will stand! It is the ONLY country on the planet formed to worship God the creator of the universe and HE knows that - let’s reveal to Him that WE KNOW that through our prayers for America.