Price your "One-Stop Loan-To-Construction"

(Design, Funding, Construction, Warranty with "one stop") at the bottom of this page!

Follow the component description in order to design and add components to calculate your own garage!

Never let it be said that Portable Building Mall wants anyone to get into debt! We are advocates for “debt-less” purchases!


What does that mean? If you have the financial means to make the added payments, then it’s a payment plan and it is not debt, it is merely cash-flow!  We believe in the Biblical principal – “Owe no man nothing but to love him.”  Owing somebody something means that you have no means of paying him! With all of our hearts we are SCREAMING don’t get into debt! If you have a need for one of our buildings and the payment is within your present means then we believe the Lord has already met your needs through the provision that he has already given you and will continue to give you!  We say, "NEVER take on a payment that would require FUTURE money in order to make present payments!" That is the true description of DEBT, don’t do it! Scripture says, "count the costs" and be led!

Besides being very affordable, what do most customers consider to be the biggest benefit of our ONE STOP – Turnkey, "Loan-to-Construction“ building packages? The answer is "quick and easy"!  Some customers have purchased buildings from us and insisted on being their own general contractor! Several have later confessed that “they had no idea of what it took” to get the job done!


Every one of them stated that “many things went wrong” mostly due to the lack of coordination! Most said they spent a lot more money because of trying to save a few dollars in one part of the process while losing hundreds of dollars in another place.

Based on generally accepted contracting methodologies and our unique debt-less purchase principles, we introduce this Turnkey Building Calculator Package. Figure your own payment below. Then after you have determined the calculated payment is within your budget, we believe that you can relax and enjoy the process of getting your new building constructed on time and financially efficient.


One Stop, means that you can count on your “stress free” purchase beginning in our office with the loan process then continuing all the way up to us handing you the keys to the door! We are authorized to originate a “signature” loan with NO mortgage! No need to go to a bank or check with anyone else, it’s all completed in our office in approximately10 minutes!

This is a signature loan without lien attachments! All you need is a monthly income from any and all sources, a minimum credit score of 640!

After several years of helping many customers design their buildings, we've learned a few things that every job faces and is common with every design, especially garages.


What should be considered?  Compare these picture pointers with the detailed description of each component in the picture. Your garage can differ from this garage of course, but this is a very popular starting place. We are happy to tweak to fit your needs just by calling. Of course any adjustments will alter the standard costs of the project as detailed in this on-line calculator.

PBM One-Stop-Loan-To-Construction Package

Although other options are available this page is just to prompt your thinking. We loan program includes, design engineering, construction management, insurance, warranty, our no down payment and no penalty for early payoff, plus;


  1. Insulated ceiling and walls

  2. Concrete & labor for floor, garage doors apron & entry door step

  3. Insulated Doors

  4. John-Deere room

  5. Work bench area

  6. All labor and management

  7. Zero down payment


#A     First, we will work with you to decide how the structure will be utilized including what will be have in the garage. You will need room for cars and/or trucks. Or you may need a myriad of other things, which could include boats, rv’s, motorcycles, personal watercraft, etc, which could utilize a side door.

#B    Consider the door heights as most garages need 12 inch higher side walls to accommodate the overhead door. A seven foot tall door opening is about right for most cars and small trucks, but for ¾ ton trucks and SUV’s 8 feet tall openings are required. The wall height of the building needs to be one foot taller than your door opening. That means a 7 foot tall door would require the building side walls to be at least 8 feet tall. If you need an 8 foot tall door opening then the wall height must be at least 9 feet tall. One foot taller walls is required regardless of how tall you need the door and we can build up to 14 feet tall door openings.

#C   If you would like to add a foot or more to the width or length of the structure, please call for pricing. Also, if you think you could use a little extra storage space, make sure to think ahead and add the space now to your width or length on this page. If land space is limited, you can consider building a little taller where some could be easily accommodated.

#D   Door widths; 9 feet wide is the absolute minimum for cars and small trucks, but 10 feet or more will help assure safer entrance into the garage to clear mirrors. Rather than two small doors many choose a single door up to 18 feet wide. A single door might be a good choice for making it easy for anyone to access the garage space. One large door only requires “one” (1) door lift operator. Two smaller doors, which are much lighter, could be used without any lift operators keeping the costs down, if the "initial" costs is your primary concern. You can call in order to figure a way to reduce cost especially in the doors. Otherwise this is priced for quality.

#E   Walk through entry door, 36 inch wide by 80 inch tall, should be considered so you can have easy access without resorting to opening a large door just to get a lawn mower or a screwdriver. Windows for light and air exchange is always a good option and should be considered.

#F   Garage door concrete apron and entry door steps (dotted lines) should be poured concrete at the time of construction.

#G  Insulation is a consideration to prevent any condensation and of course reduce heat transfer in the structure making it more comfortable. 

#H   Electrical, plumbing, HVAC are also options to consider which you can do as an additional charge to the building order.