UP TO 16' wide by 50' long is FREE delivery from the factories! We also offer "display" buildings and "used" buildings for a small delivery charge that varies depending on distance! We offer excavation & concrete work, etc.  

Our business is much different - we are NOT a common "shed lot".

  • Because we are not a common "shed" lot don't operate like one!

  • We are able to do things a little differently!

  • We have posted business hours!

  • In most cases we offer "site visits" before you buy to make sure that our structure is right for YOU!

  • On large "STEEL" or "WOOD" structure projects we offer on-site management!

  • For a reasonable fees, we will help you design your project to fit your needs!

  • We help you with "permits" and offer our experiences and expertise to save you time and effort. 



       Our name is "THE BUILDING MALL

       Because we are just that - a "mall" -with choices of many brands and many styles.