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What Buildings are Movable?

The Building Mall has the staff and equipment to deliver buildings we sell as well as privately owned buildings. We are happy to offer this service however there are certain guidelines which we must follow.

  • Buildings must not be wider than 16 feet

  • Buildings must NOT be longer than 50 feet
  • Buildings must be built on runners

  • Building must be empty

  • Buildings must be determined to be safely movable by the TBM staff

  • Buildings must be manufactured to be moved. (Most home built buildings are not movable) at least by the standard portable building equipment. 

  • Location of and destination for building delivery are subject to review

  • Fees are based on several factors including building size, locations, accessibility for pickup and delivery, mileage, etc. 

    • FEES DESCRIBED:  There are no standard fees in the industry. Our fee structure is based on our experiences. We divide up our fee structure into two parts. 

    • HOW?  We have a FLAT fee that takes care of insurance, liability, etc.  we have an hourly fee that takes care of those unknowns! Things like obstacles, steep hills, unlevel areas, trees, weather issues, etc. There are a multitudes of possibilities that must be accounted for. Regarding the hourly fee. We work hard to get the job done and try to not waste time. We try to do the best job possible in the least amount of time. So, regardless if you are in Branson or Nixa, Hollister or Kimberling City, our fee structure allows for travel time in such a way that is fair to everyone!

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