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Wood Buildings

 Storage to Lake Cabins

Cabins       Lofted barns    Utility    Slim sheds    Garages

We are called a "mall" because we stock several brands of quality manufactured wood framed sheds, barns, garages, cabins, etc. Our brands are Cook - CozyWay Cabins. And we also offer our newest brand - The Building Mall "Refurbished Structures".  Within our Refurbished Structures we generally have Derksen, BackYard and Beyond, BridgeWay Steel, and several other local made structures.


We are also a “Custom Building” business. That means we are prepared to build-to-suit your needs! Also we build the best Greenhouses & Chicken Houses to meet your needs.


We try to "never" say - “We don’t build that”!  Instead, you will hear, “We will do our best to help you design and build your project and help you fulfill your vision even if it's custom!

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