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About Us

Over 50 years of construction knowledge and experience

We were founded in 2011 in Stone County, Missouri as Portable Building Mall. Of course we serve not only Branson West, Kimberling City, Lampe we gp east past Silver Dollar City all the way to Branson.


Because our growth into "permanent" structures and steel buildings, we do everything from excavation to on-site installation of engineered steel buildings. To better Identify ourselves we added the category name, "The Building Mall," this helps to include our permanent steel structures.

We contracted with to provide many new products to our construction line. In 2022, we added the The Building Mall category to our product line which reflects our expansion and growth. Under the NPS expanded management, The Building Mall is committed to convenient business hours with trained personnel to assist our customers. We are “customer service oriented” and we know that a happy customer mean a successful business.  

We are pleased to be your "one-stop" source for all your building needs. We will work hard to make your vision a reality.The Building Mall began as a hometown business. For several years we concentrated on "portable" structures. In recent years we gained a large clientele for more "permanent" structures. Because of that, our business advisors suggested that we add "The Building Mall" category to represent the "permanent" structures that we build.


Additionally we are now working with consulting companies that are helping us into the "franchise" level. This will provide greater ways to meet all of your building needs with quality and efficiency as additional plants for both wood and steel structures that we build. We wish to exceed your expectations throughout the purchasing and installation process. We believe you deserve to get what you pay for, in a timely and hassle-free manner.


2020 was a little tough to say the least as suppliers "were unable deliver to us." Many of our suppliers went out of business under the influence of the new culture that erupted! See more on the "about us" page. Because of that we strive to form relationships with suppliers that have proven they can deliver timely and efficiently. We strive to provide a large variety of building sizes, styles and choices of quality materials. We offer generous color choices and special features that make your building exclusively yours. (See our steel buildings.)


Our desire is to go beyond the "typical" cookie-cutter products in order to provide what "you want" to fulfill the purpose that you need. At the same time we want to provide you a much better long range financial benefit due to quality and product lifespan! We even offer a "design program!" The design programs allows you to pay a small fee to receive a complete analysis of your plan. If we earn your business the fee is refunded at the end of the project.


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